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Customer Comments / Testimonials

We get a lot of positive comments from customers who have purchased stained glass pieces from us. 

One of our goals is to have our customers cry with joy.  Often, we don’t meet until the piece is picked-up.  We will get a sense of what the customer wants by email or phone.  Bonnie will create a design, pick out glass colours, textures and email pictures.  Once we get the OK, we can begin the process of putting together.

This slideshow will give you an idea of what kind of reaction we get back.

Bonnie and Cathy

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Zip A Dee Doo Dah Window Panel

Customer said:

Just finally installed it. It looks fabulous.


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Mourning Cloak Butterfly

Hi there, 

I am sorry I am late sending but wanted to share a picture of the beautiful Mourning Cloak butterfly that you made for me to give my mom. We absolutely love it and can’t tell you how much it means to us. You guys are amazing.

Thank you.

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Corinne had mentioned to Jon that she loved seeing sunflowers. He came to us with his design for this Christmas surprise.

They let us know they loved it.

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Hummingbirds and Baby Bear

I was looking for something for my windows so the birds wouldn't keep flying into them. This is perfect!! Thank you Cathy & Bonnie @ Spiral Stained Glass for my baby bear on the birch tree and hummingbirds.

I love them!!

Sharon W.


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Hummingbirds in Squares

Here they are in their new home!



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The package arrived!

They are more beautiful than I remember!


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Red and Blue Compass

This piece was a repair and here was his reaction...

WOW breath taking and so beautiful.  Great job. 

Again, it will always bring back memories of my dad.

Thank you both so much!!


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Loon in Transom

Here are 3 pictures form Kim and Peter of the Loon hanging in the transom overllooking their deck and backyard.

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Hummingbirds in a Circle

Just wanted to say thank-you again.

My wife thinks it's beautiful and it really does look spectacular.


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Inukshuk in WIndow

This is one window but I have two more I may try it in!

I love it!!

Thanks again


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Door Transom

Sitting in the dining room on a call and admiring the stained glass piece. 

Sad to see it stay with the house but we will commission a new piece for the new house.


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Window Installation

Jon and Corine very kindly sent this picture of this clear geometic circle installed in their front window.

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Dragon Fly

    I was wondering - did she love it?

    She really loved it!
    It's on her glass coffee table in a place of honour.

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Canadian Flag

Subject:Thank you!

We have been looking at your beautiful piece hanging at I Branched Out for the better part of a year.

What a beautiful addition to our home!

Will and Deanna

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Up North: Pine in the Wind

Subject: I love it!

Here it is, Cathy and Bonnie!

S :-)

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Up North: Loon taking off from water

Subject: Stained Glass

Very happy with our purchase!

Cathy and Peter

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Red School House

Subject: Schoolhouse

Hi there,

Here is the photo of the schoolhouse you created for me. I love it! It is so unique and I love that it is personalized.

It hangs in my kitchen window.


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Cardinal and Birch Trees

Subject: Loving our birch trees

Hi Ladies!

We hope your tournament went well. It was so great to meet you both.Thank you once again for the amazing piece of art you made for us. We have not moved into our new place yet but our contractor could not wait to install the stained glass insert.

Everyone loves it! Now you can see trees no matter what window you look out.


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Blue Jay Panel

So beautiful!!!
Love them both.  

From Julie 

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Clear Geometic Panel

So beautiful!!!
Love them both.  

From Julie 

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